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LPCXpresso Introduction part 1 training video

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LPCXpresso is a new, low-cost development tool platform available from NXP. The platform supports ARM-based LPC microcontrollers and includes a simplified, Eclipse-based IDE and a low-cost target board combined with a JTAG debug probe. T his training module introduces the LPCXpresso platform and gives an overview of the different features of the LPCXpresso IDE. The training module goes through all the steps involved from product activation to downloading code into the LPCXpresso target. The training shows excellent tips for editing and debugging code, and also highlights the file/web browser feature. This module is an excellent resource for any user who is getting started with the LPCXpresso IDE. After completing this module, be sure to see the LPCXpresso Introduction Part 2 training video.