element14 and Würth Elektronik collaborate to boost IoT connectivity through RF excellence


element14 has announced a collaboration with Würth Elektronik (WE) to highlight the many benefits of high-quality RF components, which play a key role in ensuring reliable wireless connectivity for a huge range of consumer and industrial applications.

 element14 Product Segment Leader for Würth Elektronik, Josh Ahern, said, “This ‘WE connect dots!’ campaign is designed to inspire design engineers to fully appreciate that high quality RF components are ultimately what will enable them to deliver devices that can be counted on to perform at the highest level. It is in their interest to fully explore what WE can contribute to their success.”

The WE product portfolio includes all necessary components for IoT devices such as RF inductors and capacitors; chip and rod antennas; chip filters and baluns; and coaxial connectors and radio modules required for the assembly of any kind of wireless interface.

Chip antennas provide very good performance in a compact design with little design modification. Rod antennas offer performance with value for those who are not as constrained by space limitations. For the very experienced design engineer, PCB antennas are also available for highly miniaturised applications.

Customers can also purchase antenna matching design kit for their antenna selection and matching needs.

As for baluns and filters, WE offers the WE-LPF and WE-BPF multilayer chip low-pass and band-pass filters that feature low insertion loss and high attenuation in the stop-band with guaranteed performance characteristics. The WE-BAL multilayer chip balun is a 2W, low-loss SMT balun with balanced impedance of 50 to 200 Ω, able to operate over a wide temperature range.

Capacitors from the WE range include the low-capacitance, high-tolerance WCAP-CSRF high frequency MLCC; hermetically sealed WE-XTAL crystals (both SMT and THT models); and a wide collection of configurable coax connectors.

RF inductors include compact and small size RF Inductors, WE-MK multilayer ceramic chip inductor and WE-TCI thin film chip inductor, along with the high performance WE-CAIR air core inductor and price-performance balanced WE-KI wire wound ceramic inductor.

element14’s Josh added, “The success of IoT is largely down to robust and reliable RF connectivity, and Würth Elektronik has a depth of expertise that we are proud to make available to our customers.”

For more information about element14, the WE range of RF components and many other Würth Elektronik components, visit Wurth RF Multi-Channel | element14 India


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