element14 Community announces winners of the Summer of Sensors Design Challenges

Challengers utilized sensory kits to create innovative products along four challenge themes

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element14, an Avnet community, recently announced the winners from the Summer of Sensors Design Challenge which launched alongside a series of educational webinars this past summer and ran throughout the year. Participants had the opportunity to advance their skillsets and showcase what sensors can do while utilizing specific sensory kits provided by the challenges’ sponsors.

“We are excited to celebrate the hard work of all competitors throughout the course of this challenge. We are especially thankful for our partners who helped us supply the sensory kits for each challenge and made this possible,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for element14. “We are blown away by the ways that our community continues to innovate and think outside of the box during these challenges and are excited to continue to support them with new opportunities this year.”

Of the participants, four were selected as winners by the element14 Community team of judges:

  • TAG You're It: Best use of NFC smart asset tracking sponsored by ST Microelectronics: With five blog posts completed, the winner of this challenge is Rahul D. from India. He created smart container tracking which featured NFC enabled GPS fleet tracking, online thing speaks IoT web dashboard, NMEA messaging, GPS RTK receiver and GUI.
  • In the Air Tonight: Best air quality application sponsored by Renesas: With 15 blogs completed, the winner of this challenge is Michal Zurek, from the Czech Republic who created his own PCB. He also explored the color sensor in another six-blog series after completing the challenge.
  • Exploration Station: Best use of SensorXplorer sensors sponsored by Vishay: With more than nine blog posts, the winner of this challenge is Owen Jeffreys, a UK based community member who created an adaptative light bulb controller which he named IntelliLight.
  • Under Pressure: Best use of Bio Sensors sponsored by MikroElektronika: With over five blog posts completed, the winner of this challenge is Milos Rasic, from Serbia who created a small health monitoring system for the elderly.

Winners were judged on a variety of components, including how creatively they used their kits and the completion of at least five blog posts throughout the competition. Every challenger received a finisher prize of a Multicomp Pro Multimeter and the winners all received an 11" iPad Pro plus a second gift specific to their challenge, including a Philips AC0820 Series 8 Air Purifier, an Apple Air Tags 4 Pack, a Garmin GPS Rugged GPS Smart Watch, and an Under Bed IoT Sleep Tracker.

To see all the winning designs, and to learn more about the element14 Community please visit: https://community.element14.com/challenges-projects/design-challenges/summer-of-sensors-design-challenge/w/documents/27919/summer-of-sensors---winners-announcement


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