Newark element14 expands AEC-Q200 qualified portfolio of passive components from AVX, Bourns, Kemet and Murata

The largest portfolio of industry-leading AEC-Q200 passives from AVX, Bourns, Kemet, Murata, Panasonic and Vishay for automotive electronics applications

Newark element14 has expanded its portfolio of AEC-Q200 qualified products with the addition of the newest passive components from AVX, Bourns, Kemet, Murata, Panasonic and Vishay, which include capacitors, resistors, inductors and other passives.

Newark element14 understands the challenges faced by design engineers and buyers searching for the newest automotive qualified products and the requirements for fast delivery. We provide a one-stop solution and purchasing channel to easily review, compare and select AEC-Q200 qualified products from industry-leading suppliers.
Jesper Rasmussen, Global Category Director – Passives, Newark element14

AEC-Q200 qualified passives have been designed for automotive electronics applications where reliability and stability are required in challenging conditions of high temperature, temperature changes, pressure resistance, humidity and mechanical stress.

These components meet the stringent AEC standards for operating in harsh automotive environments, and are also suited for use in other electronics applications such as wearables, medical, industrial equipment, communications and Internet of Things.

The new ranges include:

  • The Vishay IHLD series of low-profile, high current dual inductors in 3232 and 4032 package sizes, offering critical board space saving by combining two inductors in one 9.75mm by 9.14mm package that is optimized for automotive and commercial class D amplifier circuits.
  • The FKS Series from Panasonic features increased capacitance, space saving in the same can size and the option of vibration-proofing for automotive applications. The FKS series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, comprising 25 new part numbers, is available in voltage classes between 6.3V and 50V and capacitance ranging from 33µF to 1800µF in SMD can sizes from 4x5.8mm to 10x10.2mm.
  • The newest Radial Lead Type Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor RH Series from Murata is suitable for ECU management where EMI noise and motor surge protection is required. The Murata RH capacitor series provides resistance to solvents and excellent mechanical shock while operating under high temperature conditions of maximum 150°C.
  • Kemet’s ultra-low ESR T598 high humidity-high temperature Polymer Electrolytic capacitor delivers higher capacitance and ESR stability for 1,000 hours with 85°C-85% RH load. The T598 Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) combines the low ESR of ceramic, the high capacitance of electrolytic and volumetric efficiency of tantalum into a single SMD package.
  • The Bourns CST0612 series 4-Terminal Current Sense Resistor comes in a 0612 package that offers low resistance values of 0.5 mΩ and handles a maximum power rating up to 1 W. The CST0612 series’ metal alloy current sensing element allows for low thermal Electromotive Force (EMF) and Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).
  • The AVX Glass Encapsulated TransGuard® VGAS Series Multilayer Varistors offer high reliability SMD case sizes from 1206 to 2220 with working voltage from 16 to 65 Vdc for bi-directional overvoltage protection, with the added advantages of greater current and energy handling capabilities, quick turn-on time and EMI/RFI attenuation in off-state mode.

Over 43,000 industry-leading AEC-Q200 passive components, compliant with the global standard for stress resistance for passive electronic components intended for use within the automotive industry, are in stock for same day dispatch. AEC-Q200 qualified passives are suited for use in electronics applications where safety and protection standards are required in engine management, drive-trains, in-vehicle comfort and infotainment, available at

AEC-Q200 passives from Bourns, Murata, Kemet and more are available from Newark element14 in North America.


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