element14 to showcase newest SBCs and Raspberry Pi at EduTECH expo in Brisbane

Highlights at the element14 stand #14:
• exclusively showcasing Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Arduino and accessories
• learn to code with Raspberry Pi 2 and test new accessories
• roadtest the 3D printer from Robox

element14 will unveil the newest SBCs (single-board computers), Raspberry Pi and numerous accessories at the EduTECH expo in Brisbane on 2-3 June.

Pete Davis, Regional Director – Australia and New Zealand, element14 Asia Pacific, said: “element14 is excited to bring the newest SBCs and many of the latest accessories to EduTECH. We welcome all engineers and enthusiasts to join us for this opportunity to review the latest products from leading suppliers and discuss solutions for their projects. At element14, we support students, parents and anyone interested in teaching or learning concepts related to engineering and programming and we are pleased to present the STEM Academy to visitors at the expo.”

A host of exclusive new technologies and products, exciting demos and informative live presentations at the element14 stand will include :
Raspberry Pi : Pi 2 Model B is six times faster than the previous model and now boasts 1GB of RAM to run bigger and more powerful projects. It boots up in less than half the time of its predecessor. Find out how to get started at http://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi/getstartedwithpi

Beaglebone : a full featured, internet-enabled development platform for designers and students interested in an open source low cost ARM Cortex –A8 based processor, capable of running a variety of OS including Debian, Angstrom, Ubuntu and Android.

Arduino : the open source electronics hardware and software designed for electronics enthusiasts, makers, tinkerers and professionals to build projects from simple to complex ones; find all the projects, tutorials and additional parts you need at www.element14.com/arduino

Robox 3D Printer – one of the easiest to use 3D Printer, it comes with many smart features for fast out-of-the-box set up.

The element14 STEM Academy can be found at http://www.element14.com/community/groups/stemacademy

To register for the expo, visit http://www.edutech.net.au/registration.html for your FREE expo access pass - use the code Element14 to enjoy a discount for one of the 8 congresses at EduTECH.