Farnell enhances safety and hygiene portfolio with AMETEK Land

AMETEK Land’s comprehensive range of world-class non-contact temperature monitors and analysers include the new VIRALERT 3 Human Body Temperature Screening System for back-to-work safety checks.


Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, is pleased to announce a new franchise with AMETEK Land, a world-leading manufacturer of monitors and analysers for infrared non-contact temperature measurement. The new agreement broadens Farnell’s safety, hygiene and back-to-work portfolio with the addition of AMETEK Land’s new to market VIRALERT 3 Human Skin Temperature Screening System.

The VIRALERT 3 uses thermal and visual cameras to provide temperature measurement and facial recognition whilst complying with social distancing requirements. The system scans a subject in approximately two seconds to enable seamless monitoring at a facility entrance, minimising delays and queues which could increase risk of infection. Automated measurement and storing of data remove the potential for human error in the scanning process.

AMETEK Land first patented a system for use in health care and medicine in 2003 with the Human Body Temperature Measurement System (HBTMS) in response to the SARS virus. This system was subsequently updated in 2010 to the first VIRALERT system. The new VIRALERT 3 was introduced at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The VIRALERT 3 offers users a range of innovative features including:

  • Safe screening – Instant, accurate, non-intrusive infrared thermal imaging is enabled from a safe distance without slowing the flow of people. Automatic visual and audible alerts provide a warning to the user when necessary.
  • Ease of use – The VIRALERT 3 works straight out of the box and the free software offers an intuitive interface.
  • Hi-resolution imaging camera – The high-resolution camera connects to a local PC, enabling automatic face detection and single face-on reading. Visual images from the CMOS colour sensor are displayed at 1.2 MP (1280 x 960) resolution at 50 fps. Thermal images provide a measurement range between 30 and 45⁰C with a 39x31⁰ field of view and frame rate of <9Hz.
  • Intuitive software – Supports continuous live thermal and visual imaging. Abnormal high temperatures are displayed in red, with on-screen and audible alarms.
  • High accuracy measurements – Developed by world-leading temperature monitoring experts, the VIRALERT 3 ensures accuracy of ±0.5⁰C at a 1m distance.
  • Blackbody reference source – A compact calibration source with easy installation eliminates the main source of measurement errors. This calibration source is fitted on the same platform as the integrated thermal imager, providing a compact system that can also be wall-mounted.

VIRALERT 3 is also compliant with both the FDA guidance on temperature screening technology, and the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) product range.

The versatile VIRALERT system is suitable for most environments and can be paired with a clamp mount bracket, surface mount bracket or tripod stand, which are also available from Farnell.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test, Tool and Production Supplies at Farnell says: “Our goal is to offer customers the very best range of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The addition of AMETEK Land enables us to provide continued support to customers as they look to return to the workplace in the safest manner possible. Farnell has a wide range of back-to-work essentials in stock and ready for immediate shipping to customers globally.”

AMETEK Land products are available at Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America and element14 in APAC.


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