Farnell signs new global franchise agreement with Torex Semiconductor

Torex’s full range of high-performance analogue power management IC solutions now available from stock at Farnell

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Farnell, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has signed a new global franchise agreement with Torex Semiconductor Ltd to expand its portfolio of high-performance analogue power management IC (PMIC) solutions. Farnell is now stocking Torex’s full range of high-performance analogue power management PMIC solutions which offer ultra-low power consumption and high reliability. These innovative devices have a proven track record in applications such as industrial, medical, entertainment and automotive products.

Key Torex products now in stock at Farnell include:

  • XC9276 Series of 150mA step-down synchronous rectification DC/DC converters have an output voltage switchover function with an ultra-low power consumption circuit and PFM control. The XC9276 can help reduce power consumption for a complete system, extending product battery life, and have a space saving and low-profile PCB mounting area. Typical applications for the XC9276 include equipment which needs a high efficiency performance at a light load current and a long-time battery life such as smart meters, low power RF, sensor modules, wearable devices, energy harvesting devices, back-up power supply circuit, smart cards and devices with 1 Lithium cell.
  • XC9281/82 Series are the world's smallest 600mA step-down DC/DC Converters which can operate from 2.5V~5.5V, supply loads up to 600mA and have an extremely fast load transient response performance. Two versions are now available with switching frequencies of 4.0MHz or 6.0MHz. Ultra-small packaging and smaller external components results in extremely low radiated noise and excellent EMI performance. Applications include mobile phones, wireless earphones and headsets, wearable devices, DSC / Camcorders, portable game consoles, smartcards, power supply for modules and various small power sources.
  • XCL230/31 Series 3.0 to 36V input, 600mA compact step-down Micro DC/DC converters are a synchronous rectifier design and feature a built-in inductor simplifying PCB layout, reducing the risk of malfunction and EMI noise. The XCL231 Series automatically switches between PWM and PFM control to reduce losses by lowering the operating frequency during low loads to achieve high efficiency across the entire load range. Overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown functions are built to ensure safe use in the event of a short circuit. XCL230/31 Series may be used for electricity meters, gas detectors, sensors, industrial equipment and home appliances.
  • XC6193/94 Push Button Load Switch with Storage Mode are intelligent load switches which can significantly reduce power consumption while devices are in standby status after shipment, in storage or when their power supplies are off, and can enable power supplies to be shut down in the event of system freezes. They can contribute to improved power saving for devices, extend operation times and be used as a main power switch in place of a mechanical switch. Common applications include wearable devices, smart card devices, wireless headphones and earphones, IoT devices, various applications that are equipped with an ON/OFF switch function, buttons or mechanical switches and devices with a waterproof function.

Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and Single Board Computing at Farnell said: “Design engineers want high performance solutions in compact packages that are easy to implement, and Torex Semiconductor leads the way with its range of ultra-low power semiconductors designed for demanding power management applications. We have invested significantly in our semiconductor range to ensure we can meet our customers’ diverse needs. Torex is a fantastic addition to our line card and it’s now easier than ever for our customers to access best in-class analogue power management IC solutions for their designs and serial production.

Established in 1995, Torex Semiconductor Ltd established a business supplying battery-powered ultra-compact and low-consumption power ICs for portable audio and wireless devices. Today they are a leading provider of ultra-low PMIC solutions for demanding power management applications, specialising in the design and manufacturer of high-performance analogue ICs in small, low profile packages. Their products include a highly efficient range of Micro DC/DC converters, high speed and low power LDO voltage Regulators, voltage supervisors and RESET IC, load switches, single cell battery chargers, power MOSFETs and diodes.

Torex has a longstanding relationship with Avnet, who is one of their largest distributors and can supply OEM/CEM production quantities of products. The agreement with Farnell adds widely accessible and simple sourcing of small quantities for new product development and prototyping supported by great customer service from Torex.

Gareth Henson, Managing Director of Torex Semiconductor Ltd said: We have a longstanding and very successful partnership with Avnet and this new relationship with Farnell will help us expand our reach into new markets, equipping more engineers with the critical products and components they need for their designs. We endeavour to continuously improve our market leading products and services while responding to market demands to ensure our customers are well-equipped and supported to drive innovation.”

Farnell offers an extensive range of products in its comprehensive semiconductor portfolio to support design engineers. Customers also have free access to online resources, datasheets, application notes, videos, webinars and 24/5 technical support.

Customers can now buy Torex Semiconductor PMIC products available with fast delivery from Farnell in EMEA, Newark in North America, and element14 in APAC.


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