Newark Announces Exclusive Partnership with NIC Components

New supplier expands Newark’s linecard of passive technologies


Newark, the Development Distributor, today announced it is the exclusive high service distributor for passive components supplier NIC Components Corp. in North America. This partnership provides design engineers with a wide spectrum of passive technologies with pin for pin cross capabilities.

The expansive range of passive technologies offered by NIC Components through Newark allows design engineers to consolidate their bill of materials for their projects with a more cost effective and technically optimized design, filling passive needs with one supplier.

From a core business of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, NIC has expanded its product offering to tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, DC film capacitors, thick and thin film resistive products and a growing line of power inductors, ferrite chip beads, and RF components, all of which are now available through Newark. NIC Components Corp., in partnership with Nippon Industries Co. Ltd., has been manufacturing and designing passive components for over thirty years. By integrating design, raw materials and production expertise, NIC has established itself as a leader in passive component technology.

The wide breadth of passive technologies now available through Newark includes:

  • NCB-H Series high current ferrite chip beads: Ferrite chip beads focus on the electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise suppression. Using a multilayer construction with sizes from 0201 to 1812 and specialty array solutions available, NIC targets every available option up to and above 1Ghz, high current and automotive grade options.
  • NAZT Series automotive qualified SMD aluminum capacitors: These aluminum capacitors are designed for automatic mounting and reflow soldering and are available with anti-vibration wide terminations. The capacitors ensure an extended load life, as well as low impedance and high ripple current.
  • NPI/NPIS power inductors: Innovative design and unique construction give NIC inductors an edge over other solutions. Available as shielded or unshielded, these power inductors offer high current and high inductance.

“Dependable passive components are critical for ensuring our customers’ designs are able to function consistently,” said Mike Davis, Senior Product Manager, Newark. “As the exclusive high service distributor for NIC in North America, Newark is uniquely positioned, in conjunction with Avnet, to support designers and engineers through their journey from early design to production.”

“Like Newark, we pride ourselves on putting customers’ needs first,” added Connie Caruso, Director of NA Distribution, NIC Components Corp. “As a long time supplier to Avnet, we chose Newark as our sole high service distributor because we recognize the unique value the Avnet Ecosystem brings to customers, serving their product lifecycle needs from prototype to production. We are excited to supply Newark’s expansive audience with our broad range of technologies and engineering support.”

To find all of the NIC Components now available, visit Newark.


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