Newark Celebrates Women in Engineering

In honor of International Women in Engineering Day, Newark sponsors Women in Electronics and highlights just a few of its inspirational female engineers

Louise Perry

Newark, the Development Distributor, celebrates the countless women engineers who drive innovation ahead of International Women in Engineering Day this Saturday, June 23. Additionally, Newark announces its founding sponsorship of Women in Electronics, a community of progressive women leaders at all stages of their careers, dedicated to the professional and personal leadership development of women in the fast-paced electronics industry.

“We’re proud to work with talented female engineers across our organization, each bringing her own unique skills, interests and backgrounds,” said Louise Perry, Global HR Director, Newark. “These women show strong leadership; they help keep our company at the forefront of engineering, innovation and technology and inspire others to grow in their careers.”

Here are just a few of Newark’s inspiring women in engineering:

  • Andreea Teodorescu, Global Senior Commercial Marketing Manager – Andreea has engineering in her DNA. Both parents and grandparents were engineers, including a pioneering grandmother who was one of the first women in Romania to graduate from her University. Inspired by her family, Andreea pursued a degree in Material Sciences, including a postgraduate scholarship in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece. After relocating to the UK, Andreea took a job as a Marketing Assistant at Premier Farnell. Ten years later, she is now a Global Senior Commercial Marketing Manager. When recently asked about her career, Andreea described it succinctly:  "I love it. I get to meet people from all over the industry, many of whom I've been working with for many, many years. I meet people in semiconductors, in passives, in measurement; every day it's someone different and I get to learn something new and stay ahead of trends."
  • Marisol Salgado, Technical Support Manager – Growing up, Marisol excelled in math and was encouraged by a favorite teacher to pursue a career in engineering science at an early age. The dream of becoming an engineer cemented itself for her after taking a programming class in high school that helped her feel empowered and motivated to learn more. Marisol has worked at Newark for the past 16 years. Over her time with the company, she has held several roles within the Technical Support Department and currently enjoys interacting with Newark customers to help them find a solution to their technical problem. “Recommending solutions for a new project or helping a customer in a line down situation is a really rewarding experience,” she says.
  • Courtney Kennedy, Technology Solutions Marketing Manager – Courtney manages marketing programs for new product launches including development kits, single board computers and software, as well as carrying out company-wide technical training. She enjoys sharing her technical knowledge and inspiring passion in others, while helping to introduce them to the world of electronics and technical environments. Courtney holds an electronics and computer engineering degree and has significant experience working in product design and development. Courtney has worked with firmware and software development as well as cutting edge technology in motor design and control, linking robotics and mechatronics with human anatomy. “Engineering has opened doors in my career. Being technically minded and having a background in electronics has allowed me to venture into a number of different fields and develop a skill set that is becoming increasingly well-rounded.”

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