element14 Community Launches ‘Sustain The World’ Challenge

Sponsored by Infineon, latest competition inspires engineering community to make life easier, safer and greener


element14, an Avnet community, is harnessing the power of Infineon technologies that make life easier, safer and greener with the “Sustain The World” design challenge. This challenge encourages the community to create a new design with a positive environmental impact that can be applied to a variety of sustainable ventures including recycling, CO2 monitoring, pollution monitoring, and more.

“Designers and engineers are in the unique situation to innovate real solutions that inspire a safer, greener future,” said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for the element14 Community. “element14 has teamed up with Infineon to inspire our community of more than 720,000 members to put their design skills to work to create every day, sustainable solutions to make life easier.”

Members of the element14 Community will compete to design the most creative green solution using a variety of evaluation boards and Kits provided by Infineon, including the Platform2GO XMC4200 MCU, the TLE94112EL motor controller, the DPS422 pressure sensor, the TLV493D A1B6 MS2GO magnetic sensor and a PROFET+2 12 smart switch shield.

Challengers are invited to use these kits from Infineon to help sustain the planet. Example applications include:

  • Micro plastics monitoring buoy
  • Remote pollution monitoring
  • Roadside littering monitor
  • CO2 monitoring station
  • Self-compacting trash cans
  • Recycling composition tester
  • Sea level and levy monitor
  • Automatic tree planter
  • Trash collection bot

Although the “Sustain The World” design challenge is open to everyone, element14 Community members can apply to receive one of 20 free challenge kits featuring the above Infineon products to create their designs. Applications close on 25th May and challengers will be announced on 1st June. Then, participants will have until 10th August to blog about and build their projects. Winners will be announced on 17th August.

The first-place challenger will win $500 donated to the charity of their choice, 100 trees planted, an Envirocycle Home Composter, Click and Grow Home Smart IoT Garden, and a reusable metal straw and cutlery set. The runner up will receive $250 donated to the charity of their choice, 100 trees planted, the Click and Grow Home Smart IoT Garden, and a reusable metal straw and cutlery set. All other participants who blog about the build process and outcome of the challenge receive a Solar USB charger battery bank as well as 10 trees planted in their honour.

To learn more about element14 and the “Sustain Our World” challenge, please visit: 



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