element14 launches Make Life Accessible Design Challenge

15 competitors will use motor control technology to design mobility solutions for people with disabilities

element14, the world’s largest electronic design community, launches today its first Grand Design Challenge of 2016 – the Make Life Accessible Design Challenge. Sponsored by NXP, element14 will challenge 15 community members to use motor control technology to create innovative mobility solutions that will improve the lives and accessibility of people living with physical disabilities.


As engineers, the members of the element14 Community are equipped with the skills to give people living with disabilities freedom from physical limitations. We hope that with the proper tools and support the challenge participants will identify and develop new solutions that will lead to a more accessible and comfortable lifestyle for people everywhere.
Dianne Kibbey, Globah Head of Content and Community, element14

With a wide range of accessibility and mobility solutions needed, participants have the opportunity to showcase their skills by creating designs that cater to a variety of groups including the elderly, military veterans, motorcyclists, athletes, children and more.

element14 will accept applications for the Make Life Accessible Design Challenge from now until Feb. 19. Fifteen official challengers will be announced on March 1. Challengers are required to use the NXP Freedom Development Board in their design, but are also encouraged to incorporate additional components from the official Design Challenge Kit provided by element14. Each of the 15 challengers will provide weekly updates on their progress through blog posts, photos and videos via the element14 Community.

Challengers will be invited to attend on the Community an Assistive Domotics Webinar hosted by NXP on Feb. 3 to learn more about how motor control addresses accessibility issues, technology trends for improving quality of life and more. Registration is free and now open.

NXP has a long history of providing our customers with the technology to make the lives of everyday consumers easier, safer and more enjoyable. We’re honored to partner with the element14 Community for the Make Life Accessible Challenge and look forward to helping engineers use our development board to create mobility solutions for those living with disabilities.
Emmanuel Sambuis, Executive Director, MCU and Connectivity, NXP.

Finalists will have until May 6 to submit their projects. Entries will be judged on originality, innovation and technical merit by a panel of expert judges including NXP’s Mark Houston and Ben Heck, host of element14’s The Ben Heck Show. The winners will be announced on May 21.

The grand prize winning design will be featured on element14’s The Ben Heck Show and the designer will receive an NXP High-Voltage Development Platform, Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch Controller and Go Pro Hero 4 Black. The second and third place winners will receive similar prizes ranging from $700 to $1200.

To learn more about the Make Life Accessible Challenge and to submit an entry, visit


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