The new Beagle has landed at element14

From March 27th, customers can pre-order the latest BeagleY®-AI offering user-friendly design at a competitive price

Board Side One

element14 7is offering customers the opportunity to pre-order BeagleY®-AI, a new, open-source single board computer (SBC) from that enables developers to jump straight into the creation of an expansive new range of AI applications.

BeagleY-AI is born from BeagleBoard's enthusiasm to expand the growth of the open-source hardware ecosystem, and in the past two years, they've unveiled six new boards that aim to make IoT and AI more accessible.

BeagleY®-AI is designed to enable users to maximise AI performance in robotics, factory and building automation, test and measurement, medical technology, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and intelligent vision. BeagleY®-AI delivers the compute power required to develop tasks such as image classification, object detection, semantic segmentation, and many others.

element14 Head of Single Board Computing, Romain Soreau, said, “This is exciting news for all developers. With its competitive price and user-friendly design, BeagleY®-AI provides a positive development experience using BeagleBoard's tried and tested custom Debian Linux image.”

BeagleY®-AI features a powerful 64-bit, quad-core A53 processor, multiple powerful AI accelerators paired with C7x DSPs, integrated 50 GFLOP GPU supporting up to three concurrent display outputs and modern connectivity including USB3.1, PCIe Gen 3, WiFi6 and BLE 5.4.  The board is compatible with a wide range of existing accessories that expand the system functionality, such as Power Over Ethernet (PoE), NVMe storage, and 5G connectivity.

The complete range of new BeagleY®-AI SBC features includes:

  • Texas Instruments AM67A SoC: Quad-core 64-bit Arm Cortex-A53 CPU, dual general-purpose DSP, Arm Cortex-R5 subsystem, GPU, video and vision accelerators.
  • Memory: 4GB LPDDR4 ; microSD card socket; board identifier EEPROM.
  • 3 simultaneous displays: microHDMI, OLDI (LVDS) with touchscreen support; MIPI-DSI with touchscreen support (mixed with MIPI-CSI).
  • Debug: 3-pin JST-SH console UART; 10-pin TAG-CONNECT JTAG header
  • Rich I/Os: PCI-Express® Gen3; USB-C device port, 40-pin expansion header’s CEO, Christine Long, said, “We are excited to launch Beagle®Y-AI as a an open-source board. This is an exciting step forward in BeagleBoard's mission to expand the open-source hardware ecosystem. By providing a platform that encourages collaboration and learning, BeagleY®-AI has the potential to empower individuals and professionals to develop open designs and contribute to the broader community.”

BeagleY®-AI can be preordered online from Farnell in EMEA, element14 in APAC and Newark in North America from launch day on 27 March onwards with shipping starting end of May.


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