element14 leads self powered internet of things with launch of new Switch Design Kit developed with EnOcean and 3YOURMIND

Kit enables first consumer application of 3D printing and energy harvesting for self powered IoT


element14 is now stocking the EnOcean Switch Design Kit, developed in collaboration with element14 and 3YOURMIND, the online portal for accessing professional 3D print services. The kit allows users to create a customizable switch, based on design data provided by EnOcean.

The EnOcean Switch Design Kit is an out-of-the-box, IoT ready kit that is flexible and cost effective. It allows an entry point to revolutionary technology for experimentation and prototype applications by innovators from business or the maker community.

The design utilizes energy harvesting technology, removing most of the design and application barriers to allow for rapid deployment of the concept and technology. Energy harvesting technology uses energy from movement, light and temperature to power sensors and radio communications with ambient energy.

For the maker market, this represents a significant opportunity. Rather than managing complex wiring within designs, the self-powered device from EnOcean can simply be placed into an existing installation. The switch application enables flexible lighting control in places without cables. Switches can easily be added where they are needed, for example, next to a bed, and the partnership with 3YOURMIND, means that switches can designed to seamlessly integrate into the end design, without the ‘made by hand’ look.

The EnOcean Switch Design Kit is available from Farnell element14 in the UK and mainland Europe. 3D Printed components can be directly ordered from 3YOURMIND.

You can read more about the EnOcean Switch Design Kit on the element14 community and element14 design center.


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