Premier Farnell shipping Infineon shields for Arduino


Premier Farnell, The Development Distributor, is now shipping the Infineon 24V Protected Switch Shield and the Low-Side Switch Shield both for Arduino.

The 24V Protected Switch Shield is a power switch evaluation board compatible with Arduino microcontroller boards and Infineon’s XMC™ microcontroller kits using the Arduino form factor. It provides fast and inexpensive prototyping of 24V load driving, making it ideal for use in applications such as truck bulbs, car bulbs, valves, motors, relays, capacitors, and LEDs.

The shield is equipped with three PROtected high-side power MOSFETs out of the PROFET™+ 24V family, offering five 24 V channels in total. The power switches are controlled via the INx (input) pins. The PROFET™+ 24V devices also provide a sense current at the IS pin, which can be enabled via the DEN (Diagnosis ENable) pin. For the two channel devices the sensed channel is selected via the DSEL (Diagnosis SELect) pin. For each device the sense signal (IS) is connected to an own ADC channel of the microcontroller.

Infineon’s PROFET™+ 24V protected high-side switches drive resistive, capacitive and inductive loads with either a PWM of up to 400Hz or DC. It includes a driver circuit with logic level inputs, as well as load diagnosis with current sense capability and over temperature shut down with latch behaviour providing protection against over temperature, over current and ESD. This shield can handle 8 ~ 36V nominal input voltage (max. 5 ~ 48V) and a nominal current up to 5A per channel restricted due to PCB (nominal current: 7 A).

The Low-Side Switch Shield from Infineon consists of three BTF3050TE low-side switches of the HITFET™+ family providing three independent power channels that can be controlled via the input pins. The shield is compatible with microcontroller boards using the Arduino form factor and supports fast and easy prototyping of applications with BTF3050TE. With a nominal load current of 3A the BTF3050TE is able to drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. Furthermore the smart low-side switch provides diagnosis and protection features against items such as over temperature shut down with auto restart behaviour and double current limitation for inrush current. It also includes a latched and stable fault signal which is independent of the input pin. The Low-Side Switch Shield has a driver circuit with logic level inputs and can be driven with PWM up to 14 kHz (10% duty cycle) and with a 50 mΩ single channel switch, nominal battery voltage range from 8 ~ 18V and a nominal load current of 3A (typ.) DC this switch provides a fast and inexpensive way of prototyping for a wide range of applications.

The shields are available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in APAC. Please visit the element14 Community for more information on the Infineon 24V Protected Switch Shield and the Infineon Low-Side Switch Shield.


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