Altium CircuitStudio v1.2 now available exclusively from element14 via eDelivery

Be inspired to invent the future with latest update at new, lower price


element14, in partnership with Altium, has released version 1.2 of Altium CircuitStudio. Built on 30 years of Altium R&D experience, CircuitStudio is a professional PCB design tool that is ready to pick-up and go. With powerful schematic capture, feature-rich PCB editing and centralised component management it will inspire designers to invent the future, instead of being preoccupied with just making it work. Now, in order to make CircuitStudio more accessible to PCB designers, it is available at a new affordable price of $995.

Altium CircuitStudio is a complete PCB design system with a balanced blend of powerful features and intuitive interfaces, making it easier than ever for designer to achieve perfection in their design process, for example:



  • Design Rule Driven Interactive Routing enables designers to quickly and efficiently route without worrying about breaking any preset design rules.
  • Built-In Autorouter Engine provides the routes from one pin to another automatically based on predetermined rules set by the designer, allowing more time to focus on other aspects of the design.
  • Powerful Native 3D PCB Visualization Engine allows designers to ensure their boards fit their mechanical enclosures the first time, effectively reducing design spins and saving precious time and resources.

The latest version of the Altium CircuitStudio software includes improvements to usability and increased functionality including:

  • Pad objects now support square and slotted holes
  • Subversion (SVN) support
  • Ability to generate an EDIF Netlist
  • Additional Schematic and PCB shortcut keys for common object placement commands
  • Rearranging library documents within the Projects Panel improved

The knowledge and support center for Altium CircuitStudio has also been improved and can be found within the element14 community. This new location for the knowledge center enable users to draw on the experience of over 400,000 community members, take part in RoadTests and learn more about the product with Quick Start webinars.

“The latest release of CircuitStudio represents a very competitive solution in the low end market space for PCB design tools” said Matt Schwaiger, VP of Customer Success at Altium. “With a reduction in price, enhanced product roadmap, and increased support CircuitStudio will become the defacto tool for PCB designers.”

To learn more about CircuitStudio v1.2 click here.

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