element14 presents the Vishay Super 12 for same-day shipping

Vishay’s innovative semiconductor and passive components with industry-leading specifications


Global electronics distributor element14 has added the 2016 Super12 components from Vishay to its product portfolio for same-day shipping. The group of components highlights Vishay’s most innovative semiconductor and passive components including resistors, capacitors, diodes and more for applications such as consumer electronics, audio amplifiers, industrial PCs and controls, and home automation.

The Super 12 range is released annually by Vishay and consists of six semiconductors and six passive components which are among the best or first in the industry. One of the most impressive products in this year’s range is the Vishay T58 Series of vPolyTan™ Solid Tantalum Surface-Mount Chip Capacitors . The T58 series combines polymer tantalum technology with Vishay’s high-efficiency MicroTan packaging to deliver industry-best capacitance-voltage ratings in six molded case codes, which provide increased volumetric efficiency for handheld consumer electronics.



This year’s range also includes three industry firsts.

  • The VEML6075 UVA and UVB Light Sensor is the first UVA and UVB light sensor capable of individual channel output for UV index measurements.

  • The TPC11CA to TPC36CA Surface-Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors are AEC-Q101-qualified and the first bi-directional TVS to offer peak power dissipation of 1500 W in the compact SMPC package with a 1.1 mm profile.

  • The are the first devices equipped with operating voltages to 1000 V. TNPV thin film chip resistors can replace large resistors and multiple devices in similar cases to save board space.

The Vishay Super 12, which are designed to improve the performance of both end products and systems, include:

  • Vishay T58 Series of vPolyTan™ Solid Tantalum Surface-Mount Chip Capacitors

  • Vishay Semiconductors VEML6075 UVA and UVB Light Sensor

  • Vishay BCcomponents 220 ELDC ENYCAP™ Series of Electrical Double-Layer Energy Storage Capacitors

  • Vishay General Semiconductor TPC11CA to TPC36CA Surface-Mount PAR® Transient Voltage Suppressors

  • Vishay Dale Thin Film PCAN Series of High-Power Thin Film Chip Resistors

  • Vishay Siliconix SUM70040E / SUP70040E 100 V N-Channel MOSFETs

  • Vishay Vishay Sfernice PLA51 Medium-Power Planar Transformers

  • Vishay Siliconix SiC530 VRPower® Integrated DrMOS Power Stage

  • Vishay Draloric TNPV Series of High-Voltage Thin Film Chip Resistors

  • Vishay Siliconix SiHH26N60E / 600 V E Series Power MOSFETs

  • Vishay Dale IHLD Series of Low-Profile, High-Current Dual Inductors

  • Vishay General Semiconductor V35PWxxx / V40PWxxx TMBS® Rectifiers

Visit the Vishay store which carries over 40,000 products for more information on the 2016 Super 12 components.


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