Farnell element14 Expands World-Class Portfolio of NXP Semiconductor Devices

Investment in new development tools along with sensors, MCUs and MPUs, wireless devices, and RF products

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Farnell element14, the Development Distributor, has substantially expanded its inventory of NXP semiconductor products by investing in product areas such as MCUs and MPUs, wireless products, development tools, sensors and RF devices.

“This investment gives Farnell element14 a world-class solution-based NXP portfolio, with a further 1,500 products added to the expanding range of competitively priced NXP devices” commented Simon Meadmore, Global Head of Semiconductors for Premier Farnell and Farnell element14. “This expansion makes Farnell element14 a “one stop” destination for NXP products, with one of the most comprehensive NXP ranges in the global marketplace”.

Two new products that have been introduced to the Farnell element14 NXP portfolio are the LPCXpresso 51U68 Development Board and the NXP Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit.

The LPCXpresso™ family of boards provides a powerful and flexible development system for NXP's Arm®Cortex®-M family of MCUs. The LPCXpresso51U68 Development Board for the LPC51U68 MCU has been designed to enable evaluation and prototyping using the high-performance Cortex-M0+ core, plus the power-efficiency and cost-sensitive capabilities provided by the MCU device. The board also features an on-board, CMSIS-DAP/SEGGER J-Link compatible debug probe. Other key features include:

  • Link2 probe that can be used with on-board LPC51U68 or external target
  • Support for external debug probes
  • Tri-color LED
  • Target reset, ISP, and wake buttons
  • Expansion options based on Arduino™ UNO and PMod™, plus additional expansion port pins
  • On-board 1.8/3.3V or external power supply options
  • Built-in power consumption measurement
  • UART, I2C and SPI port bridging from LPC51U68 target to USB via the on-board debug probe
  • FTDI UART connector

NXP’s Rapid IoT Prototyping Kit is a comprehensive, secure and power-optimised solution designed to accelerate prototyping and development of an IoT end node. Rapid IoT integrates 11 NXP devices (microcontroller, low-power connectivity, sensors, NFC, secure element, power management, interface) in a small form-factor hardware design, and combines it with proven software enablement (drivers, RTOS, middleware, cloud connect) and a web IDE with GUI based programming. Rapid IoT provides the easiest and fastest path for anyone to take their “connected thing” idea to a proof-of-concept model. Key features include:

  • Kinetis® K64 MCU based on Arm® Cortex®-M4 Core
  • KW41Z Wireless MCU (BLE, Thread, Zigbee)
  • NT3H2211 NFC Forum Type 2 Tag
  • A1006 Secure Authentication & anti-counterfeit IC
  • Multiple sensors (Gyroscope, Acc/Mag., Barometer/Temp., Air Quality, Ambient light and capacitive touch)
  • Rapid IoT Studio IDE
  • Automatic source code & project generation for MCUXpresso IDE/SDK
  • iOS/Android mobile apps and IoT Cloud connect platforms
  • Expandable to most IoT end-node use cases with 400+ Click boards™
  • Compatible with NXP IoT Modular Gateway

View a comprehensive NXP portfolio at Farnell element14 in EMEA, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.


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